Baking sourdough bread part II

The journey to baking sourdough bread is part science, mostly passion, some random luck and obsession. Here is the steps to using that precious starter that it took so long to create. Equipment: 1 large mixing bowl. 1 medium bowl covered with a clean tea towel. A razor blade lame or scalpel (or a smallContinue reading “Baking sourdough bread part II”

A Simple Rosemary Focaccia

This easy to make rosemary focaccia was the first bread I learned to make. Total time 30 minutes preparation, 3 hours resting, 40 minutes baking. Skill level: Novice Focaccia is a wonderful, crispy olive oil dough bread that originated from Genova in Northern Italy. If Pizza dough and bread got married and had a child,Continue reading “A Simple Rosemary Focaccia”

Baking Sourdough bread I : It begins with a starter

Yes, I too have jumped on the sourdough bandwagon. When you”re locked down at home, you have some time on your hands in the evenings and you start watching YouTube videos on all manner of cooking skills and baking skills. Facing my baking fears Let me make it clear – baking scares the shite outContinue reading “Baking Sourdough bread I : It begins with a starter”