About me

The world, of course, needs another food blog.

Food is life. My earliest vivid food memories are of my grandmother in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia cooking traditional Malaysian, Nonya and Hokkien meals for my brother and I.

Grandma is no longer with us but her signature dishes evoke so much warmth and love. A special bowl of her Mee Sua, a special spam, grilled onions and peas jaffle, her oven baked curry chicken brings back the happiest childhood memories. So much love in every dish.

Our family moved to Melbourne in the early 80s. Australia at that time did not know Malaysian food and mum decided she would try source ingredients and recreate the food we missed so much.

Mum then took it to the next level. Obsessively researching cookbooks from around the world and practicing hawker food favourites until she perfected them, passed on her love of cooking to me. She didn’t just do Malaysian food though, French, Italian, American food – everything was on the table.

To this day mum cooks up an amazing international banquet to rival any hotel buffet when I visit for a “simple meal”.

My cooking journey began at the turn of the millennium when I moved to London for work. Out of necessity and a tighter budget I learned bit by bit to cook. I learned more from my failures than my successes.

Along with other close expat Aussies, cooking for my friends became a way to share experiences, make London a home and nourish ourselves with a square meal. Because man cannot live on a diet of pints and kebabs alone…but he sure can have fun trying. London opened my eyes to a whole new world of food and travel that we continue today.

Sydney is now my home and 20 years later the passion for cooking and travel has not dimmed. Every country I visit inspires me to learn their cuisine and recreate dishes that are as close to the real thing as possible. Recipes that I Share with you that I hope you will enjoy.

Cooking for me is a creative outlet. My day job is in Finance. Very logical, left brain dominant, structured. Cooking is the complete opposite, a form of creation, expression, meditation. The results I post weekly on my Instagram feed @adrianeats2much. Many dishes are my creations from what I have learned through practice and experimentation.

From my kitchen to yours I am grateful that you’re here and hope you find joy and great food moments in these pages.


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